technical documentation


Spec and Guides

  1. Bullet Camera Technical Specification.

  2. Bullet Users Guide  ASPRA Version [UserManual.pdf]

Academic Publications  [bibtex]

  1. Bullet“High-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging via Matrix Factorization”,
    Rei Kawakami, John Wright, Yu-Wing Tai, Yasuyuki Matsushita, Moshe Ben-Ezra, and Katsushi Ikeuchi, CVPR 2011. [PDF]

  1. Bullet“A Digital Gigapixel Large-Format Tile-Scan Camera”
    Moshe Ben-Ezra,IIEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 49-61, Jan./Feb. 2011.

  2. BulletHigh Resolution Large Format Tile-Scan - Camera Design, Calibration, and Extended Depth of Field”, Moshe Ben-Ezra, IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography ICCP 2010  [PDF]

  3. BulletA Framework for Ultra High Resolution 3D Imaging”, Lu Zheng, Yu-Wing Tai, Michael S. Brown, and Moshe Ben-Ezra, to appear in the International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition CVPR 2010  [PDF]


  1. BulletA slide show showing the camera in different construction phases: [HERE]

  2. BulletTechnical Report:  [MSR-TR-2010-20.pdf]