IBOOK G3   2x 12500 x 15800  (2x 197 MegaPixel)

This is the mother board of an Apple G3 iBook computer. The Power PC processor (by IBM) is clearly visible at the top half of the left side image. The ATI graphic chips are visible at the bottom part of the right image.

Kindle 28000 x 42900  ( 1.2 GigaPixel)

This picture was taken using the Rodenstock 180 mm macro lens.

One focal distance was used at f/22 - however, there is a slight blur in the

particles that make the e-Ink - will try to capture this image again (and also use better illumination, and background).  

Starfish 10093 x 8988  (  90 MegaPixel)

This image was taken using a 300 mm lens (occupies a small part of the field of view). It is an image of a real star fish and it is interesting to see the detail.

The image has 11 layers of focal stack.  Small repeated patterns of 11 dots are caused by some left-over bad pixels.