Clicking the image will download full resolution TIFF image that was created from the HDVIEW files, thus it is subject to some compression degradation. It is not the original uncompressed file.

Korean Fan 21434 x 13310  (285 MegaPixel)

Fan size (radius) is only 10 cm. It carries a print by the Korean  artist (Shin Yun-bok) . Notice the fine texture of the fabric as well as the fine screen used for printing.

Compare to a Nikon D70 image: [HERE]

Oil Painting 20957 x 18637  (390 MegaPixel)

Painting size  is only 40x30 cm by anonymous artist. Notice the brush strokes and the texture of the canvas. This is one of the first pictures taken with camera. Small dark spots are cause by dust of the sensor, this was later eliminated.

Oil Painting 3D + relighting (small part)

The 3D texture of the surface of a small patch of the oil painting shown above was recovered using a technique called Photometric-Stereo.   Relighting was done using openGL.
Movie Formats: [WMV] [MP4

Water Color Painting 24230 x 18500 (448 MegaPixel)

Painting size  is only 40x30 cm by Kim Heegyum. Notice the water color dissolving into the paper fibers, and the texture of the paper itself. Compare to the oil painting above to see the huge difference between the two techniques when viewed closely enough.