Modular Wireless Smart Camera

Most digital smart cameras are closed and relatively computationally weak systems. This results from the tradeoff between cost vs. flexibility and computational power. Additionally these cameras are often powered by an FPGA or a DSP and, operated by an embedded OS - if one exists at all. These aspects make commercially smart cameras very uncomfortable for research and prototyping where flexibility and ease of use are of utmost importance. In contrast, PC104/PC104+ is an open and popular standard / compact form factor for embedded system. By using the standard we can design a modular smart camera that with large range of computation power and peripheral components, including wireless communication (WI-Fi or cellular, GPS). The camera described in this page is based on PC104+ components from RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc., and a USB camera from Lumenera Corporation. The camera is equipped with a 1GHz CPU, 30Gbyte hard disk and a WiFi wireless card. The camera runs standard version of windows XP. If powered by a solar cells/battery the camera becomes a completely autonomous system.



Annotated large image of the camera

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