A scan of a 1941 bronze penny.
The image size is 12,000 x 12,0000 (144 mega-pixel) and the resolution is > 12,000 dpi (penny diameter is 0.75”).

The image is composed of 8 focus layers,  
take at 75 micron intervals.

[Non-flat object, multiple focal layers]

Click on the image to download a full resolution image. Full resolution images are very big and the default image browser may not be able to open them. Use Photoshop or the Free  GIMP software to view these images.  Gimp is available at this link: [GIMP]

A scan of a ~40 x 30 cm marble mosaic. Image size is 20,000 x 14,893.

(297 mega-pixel).  The resolution is 25 line pairs/mm or 1,270 dpi.

[Non-flat object single focal layer]

A scan of an  ~15 x 15 cm oil painting.
Image size is 20,000 x 20,572 (411 mega pixels).

The resolution is 67 line-pairs/mm or 3,387 dpi.

[Non-flat object single focal layer]