dgCam - apsara (flying fairy) version


During 2010-2011, with the help of Innovating Engineering and Research Connections Groups in MSRA,  a new redesigned camera was built tailored for the needs of imaging inside the Mogao cave in Dunhuang.  The camera was manufactured in Shenzhen and the software of the camera was developed in MSRA in Beijing.  The new camera, which is a semi-industrial level differs from the prototype by the following aspects:

  1. 1.It is a little smaller to better fit the caves in Dunhuang, and thus can capture slightly smaller images (1.3 gigapixels).

  2. 2.Built of Aluminum, steel and plastic, it is much more robust the the prototype camera.

  3. 3.The camera to be tiled using a new pan-tilt unit as shown in the picture above taken in one of the caves in Dunhuang.

  4. 4.A new lens holder supports the lens when titled (up to 90 degrees) and allows easy lens replacement.

  5. 5.The camera has entirely new software that allows photographers to use the camera easily and capture complex scenes including focal stacking at multiple locations and layers completely automatic. This software version also uses code developed by MSR Interactive Visual Media Group in Redmond.

  6. 6.An accelerometer inside the camera provides tilt and shake information to the user.

  7. 7.The camera is passively cooled making it much more simple.

The camera was named Apsara, after Dunhuang famous Flying Fairy paintings.

Slide show showing part of the assembly process in Shenzhen [HERE]