1. Bullet"TinyProf - A Two Pages Profiler,"
    Very small footprint and effective tag-based profiler. [PDF] [ZIP]
    This code is very useful when a full blown profiler cannot be run.
    Limitations: Not suitable for threaded application.
    © (software) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  1. Bullet"Solvex - L1 Linear Programming Equation Set Solver,"
    A simple simplex based L1 solver for linear System of Equations. [PDF] [ZIP]
    © (software) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  1. Bullet"CLIP - C++ Library for image processing,"
    A simple research prototyping library for image processing in C++. [DESCRIPTION]  [] []
    © (software) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Erez Shilat, Ilan Finci, Yoni Wexler and Adi Shavit have read the code, used it, and provided very useful suggestions and corrections. Yaniv Ziv have written the bmp image format module.  The basic structure of an image object was originated at Benny Rousso’s C 'img' package.

The following is not necessarily very useful and is here mostly for fun..

  1. Bullet“Playing” with Fibonacci
    Optimization teaser (no source) [LINK]

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