BRDF Measurement


LED Only BRDF Measurement: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can be used as light detectors and as light emitters. In this paper, we present a novel BRDF measurement device consisting exclusively of LEDs. Our design can acquire BRDFs over a full hemisphere, or even a full sphere (for the bidirectional transmittance distribution function BTDF) , and can also measure a (partial) multi-spectral BRDF. Because we use no cameras, projectors, or even mirrors, our design does not suffer from occlusion problems. It is fast, significantly simpler, and more compact than existing BRDF measurement designs. (With Jiaping Wang, Bennett Wilburn, Xiaoyang Li and Le Ma). [Project Page]

Condenser based BRDF Measurement: We develop a hand-held, high-speed BRDF capturing device for phase one measurements. A condenser-based optical setup collects a dense Hemisphere of rays emanating from a single point on the target sample as it is manually scanned over it, yielding 10 BRDF point measurements per second.  (With Yue Dong, Jiaping Wang, Xin Tong, John Snyder, Yanxiang Lan, Baining Guo). [Project Page]